Thursday, July 7, 2011

Food journal #4 - Homemade Seafood Dinner

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Congratulation to myself, finally got my citizenship today after 15 years in United State. I am proud to be an American. Therefore, we celebrate today by cooking a Seafood dinner at Home =) 

It's a long day for me, it is because:
#1 - Wake up at 6am
#2 - 9am arrive Oakland (A lot of traffic)
#3 - Getting a parking spot at the Oakland Paramount Theatre
#4 - Cooking a perfect seafood dinner with the best ingredients I could get my hands on

The Paramount Theatre serves all the arts in Oakland, it's a beautiful historic location with stunning decoration inside.

Back to the Food Part. I order my ingredients online and it arrived today around 3pm, the shipping only cost me USD$10. And, it was shipped by FedEx. 

The item are neatly packed. I ordered the following:
#1 - Fresh Grade Carlsbad Oyster (1 Dozen)
#2 - Live Sashimi Grade Spot Prawns (1 lb)
#3 - Frozen Sashimu Grade Large Soft Shell Crabs (6 pcs)

The soft shell carb is pretty big compare to the Quarter. (USD $0.25)
The crab is already clean when it comes with the package, I only need to wash off the ice from the surface.
And, surprisingly the shrimp is as big as the soft shell crab.
How to prepare the shrimp:
#1 - Chop the head off, peel off the shell from the body
#2 - Use scissors to cut off the legs and the antennae 
#3 - Use knife slight cut the back of the shrimp (Abdomen part)
#4 - Take out the intestine 
#5 - Prepare the wasabi and soy sauce
#6 - Ready to eat
Wash the shrimp head and dip into the tempura batter mixture, fried until changes color.
The soft shell crab has the same process as the shrimp.

Be careful with hot oil and water. I recommend you prepare the extra long frying chopsticks, and use the wok cover as your shield.
We also prepare broccoli and zucchini for the tempura.
And, lastly we open the oyster. Add lemon juice, ketchup, and tabasco.

Dinner is ready to serve~!  

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