Sunday, July 24, 2011

Food journal #7 - Phil’s BBQ

I went to Comic Con 2011 at San Diego this week. Before we go, I saw Phil’s BBQ on Food channel and I really want to try it. We went to the restaurant on a Wednesday night. it’s located next to the Sport Arena and inside is nicely decorate and very easy to find a seat.
I order BBQ baby back ribs for myself and my husband have the Beefy Rib & Chicken Dinner ( 2 Beef Rib and 1/4 Chicken BBQ’d), and we also order a side of corn on the cob and fried. The baby back ribs are very tender and juicy, and the sauce is very sweet and the meat is full with the BBQ sauce favor. 
I think it done well on the BBQ meat, but both of the side is very disappointed. The fries is not hot and crispy. The corn on the cob is using the grainy corn, and it’s very chewy, and the potato salad on my husband’s combo is not season, very bland. I would go back for the baby back ribs but I am not recommend to order the extra side. It’s not worth the money. (3 Stars)
Address: 3750 Sport Arena Blvd., San Diego, CA 92078
Phone: 619-226-6333

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