Tuesday, JULY 5, 2011

New Shoes and New Outfit Arrived, ready to become US citizen tomorrow!

After the 4th of July Holiday, I feel so refresh, get enough rest and feel like an energizer battery with full charged. LOL! Wake up on time and arrive work half an hour early. After the long hard work day, I got home and my package arrived. I am even more excited!!! I carefully open the package, and open the box. "YES!" My new pair of shoes arrive. It is the leopard print shoes, leopard dress, and my bow tie outfit. I AM SO HAPPY! Try those on, everything fit and comfortable. It was great! Here is the shoes and the dresses picture. Hope you enjoy =)


What makes this pair of shoes so nice, it's the heel. It's really hard to get short heel in American. It is because most of the shoes are about 3-5 inch height. It's really hard to get one pair less than 2 inch high. This pair of shoes has prefect height, I love the print and I can wear the shoes whole day.
On top of the shoes, I got a cute dress for tomorrow ceremony, it looks like a bow tie outfit, and the fit is PREFECT. I am so happy with this order. Thank you FOREVER 21.
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