MoNDAY, JULY 4, 2011

Dog Licking~

Project for today: Dog Licking…. my dog doesn’t have that expression often, so I decided to come up with the licking project. LOL! I was making homemade honey lemonade and have some left over honey. So, I put some on top of Mango’s nose. Then, she is trying to taste the sweetness of the honey, so she licks her face. haha! Enjoy the pictures sequence =)

Click the picture and you will see the action =)


Happy Holidays =)

Dear Friends,

Happy Holidays~

I am so happy that send out most of my Christmas cards, for those who didn't have a hard copy. Here is the eVersion. My hubby is coming back on sunday. So Happy~ Wish everyone have a great holidays and I will be busy for CES. Keep follow me and I will post all the crazy photos from the show.

Here is a 2010 Calendar for you~
Wall Calendar
Desk Calendar