Monday, July 11, 2011

Food journal #5 - The Melting Pot

I like fondue, and I want to try this restaurant for almost a year, finally I got a chance this week to check in this restaurant. We went there on Saturday evening around 7pm with no reservation, and we can get a seat right away. The seat is at the back of the building, you can see Cal Train pass by every half an hour. This is a very nice seat if there wasn't a loud and obnoxious family with 8 kids running around and screaming every 5 minutes. I can say it wasn't a kid friendly restaurant because of the hot pot and flat top stove, and 8 kids was running around and their parents was chatting with themselves and totally ignore the kids, OMG. This is not a good situation at all. And, the host feel really bad for us and try to make up for our experience and give us 2 free drinks. I am really glad the waiter try their best to control the situation, but it was scary to see the kids running around and accident would happen anytime if they touch the "HOT" pot or the stove top. I wouldn't blame for the restaurant for the experience, I would blame the family.

This is the first time we try the Fondue experience, so we pick the set menu called Fondue fusion. 
First course: Cheese Fondue - we choose the spinach artichoke fondue with breads (Nice Fondue and the bread is soft and cheesy, we finish all the cheese dip before the bread and chips.)

Second course: Salad

Third course: Mojo cooking style - Lobster, shrimp, chicken, pork, filet mignon, sirloin, potato, and corn ravioli 

The cheese dipping sauce for seafood is pretty good.

Forth course: Dessert - Milk chocolate with gram cracker and s'more

That's all, the bill arrived. It costs $128.03 for us with 2 drinks. The service is great, the food is fresh, but I think this is a little expansive for 2 person dinner. My husband still feel hungry after the dinner, I think I won't be back again unless I am really craving for chees fondue. (2.8 Stars)

Address: 2 North B Street, San Mateo, CA 94401
Phone: 650-342-6358

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