New Blog

I create another Blog today!~

Please also visit my new blog at Tumblr~ I need to keep both of the blog separate. Everyday is Happy Day will be my FOOD blog, and HelloAnnie World will be my artist blog. Everything is settle.

My New Creative Blog at Tumblr


Discover Soul? New Hobby!

It's a while I didn't post my update. I am entering another phase of my life. Getting a JOB. The more I stay home, the more depress. Everyone around me is telling me, it takes time to look for a great Job/Career. I know it will be hard for me, because I am planning for a career growth. Instead of being a Marketing manager for so long, I would love to switch my path into something I truly love to do. I started to applied at many many many different Career sites, and I even go to the Temp agency to practice my interviewing skill. I am hoping something GOOD will happen on me next week. In the meantime, I try to brush up my Photoshop CS5 skill. It's been a while since last update. The following is what I got this week. Enjoy! I will stay positive on my JOB hunting. Happy Searching~