Saturday, July 9, 2011

Mouth Watering Strawberry Yogurt Recipe

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DIY Strawberry Yogurt - Healthy and Yummmmy~!

It's the weekend, I am wondering at the house and open up my fridge and looking for comfort food. I find strawberries and yogurt, this comfort food is easy to made and definitely is a healthy choice. You don't have to feel guilty after eating the delicious organic yogurt. Cheers~! =)

Strawberries - 1 lb 
Plain Non Fat Yogurt - 2 lb
Sugar - 4 tbsp (table spoon)

#1 - Wash the strawberries and use paper towel to dry up

#2 - Dice the strawberries into small cubes

#3 - Mix the strawberries cubes into the non fat yogurt

#4 - Stir the mixture and add sugar

#5 - Ready to serve

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